20 Useful Lifehacks That’ll Make Our Life Easier

Lifehacking is a philosophy of life that assumes a constant search for ways to make it more effective, easier and more enjoyable.

Lifehack life easier A good life hack should be simple, fast and cheap. And of course, it should be useful, like the ones below. Life is what we will do. As in the game rules apply to it, and yet every game can be … hacked. So you can try to make life the way we want it to be. This philosophy of thinking underlies the world-wide movement of lifehackers whose last name is ultrazariness.

Here is a list of one form best life hacks that will make our life easier.

When you need to urgently charge the phone. Easy life hacks.

Charging lifehack

Drip a few drops of aromatic oil, and the toilet will keep a pleasant smell.

toilet lifehack

You can use the sleeve instead of the eyeglass case.

You can wash the potatoes in the dishwasher.

washing potatoes lifehack

Turn on the seat heating to keep the food warm.

food lifehack

Use balloons on hangers to keep clothes from dropping.

clothes lifehack

Menthol shaving foam is an effective remedy for sunburn lifehack. Apply a large amount of foam to the skin.

sunborn lifehack

Pizza should be heated in a saucepan, so it will be more delicious. Just hack pizza.

pizza lifehack

Micellar cleansing water cleans sneakers very well.

cleaning shoes lifehack

Use the textile fastener to fix the carpet.

In order not to buy a special contouring brush, you can use stealth.

Use vaseline to remove mascara from eyelashes.

Just comb the carpet with a fork to remove traces of furniture on the carpet.

You can carefully store gift wrappers with help of sleeves and other tubes.

Just heat the bananas in the oven and they will ripen.

Secure the charge with a spring so that it doesn’t break.

Save your keys this way if you don’t want to take your bag with you.

Put on lipstick on the lock and close the retaining strip with paper to see how the door matches the lock.

Apply a moisturizer or oil to the skin before applying the perfume. So the fragrance will last much longer.

Banana peel is able to relax the headache.

Source: justlolpictures

22 Cool Tattoos That Helped Mask The Scars

Is tattoos a good idea for masking scars?

It does not matter if we have them from birth or whether they were created as a result of an accident or operation.
Tattoos are the best and most permanent way to mask scars If we think that the scars disfigure us, which adversely affects the standard of our lives, and to get rid of them has no chance, you can cover them with, for example, tattoos. Specialists ensure that this solution is safe, and those who have given up such aesthetic procedures not only do not regret their decision, but already plan more tattoos.

When the body is covered with unsightly scars, it is difficult to be satisfied with your own appearance. Complexes can not only adversely affect the functioning of society, but also discourage the pursuit of dreams.

I’m always wanted to learn how to swim, but if I showed up in a swimming suit at the pool, I would be terrified. That was until one of my clients – a surgeon, advised me to cover my scars with tattoos. Today, the entire left side of the body, from the ear to the ankle, is decorated with a winding rosebush, and I not only hide it, but I like it because it is a real work of art – adds Kattie.

Surgeons not only do not dissuade patients from such ideas, but rather encourage them to perform such treatments if they would improve the quality of life.

“I prefer to be an eccentric than a monster”

There are various life situations when people get scars. Others have birthmarks and other spots from birth. Some don’t pay attention to it and live a normal life, while others decide to mask them with tattoos.

Little Darth Vader. He is not that scary.

Wonderful forest landscape with wolves.

Who tipped a glass of wine?

Why not turn a small scar into a ghost?

Instead of a scar charming beautiful flower.

UFO wants to take the girl.

Not a bad fish. Good job!

And another fish that hid the scar well.

Painted nails hide physical disability very well.

Music lover tattoo, in particular, the double bass.

Tattoo in the style of Dream Works. Looks very stylish!

The original idea in the style of zipper.

The cute little dragon is angry and fires.

And here is another matter. Scary shark. But the tattoo is great!

Cool invented and made. Diver-welder under water is trying to fix the scar.

This welder also repairs the scar. But not under water.

A scar that is stitched with thread.

Another idea with a zipper. It looks like this is a popular solution.

Well done. And nice looking.

The scar can be masked by a beautiful tattoo with flowers.

Based on the lion king. Very epic and colorful.

Someone left their footprints and ran away.

Image source: pinterest.com

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20 Mind-Blowing Optical Illusion Paintings By Rob Gonsalves

First of all we give up optical illusions on a daily basis, although we rarely realize it. Also what we think we see is a brain that is chosen by the brain. Not necessarily a true hypothesis, created on the basis of ambiguous stimuli suggested by the eyes.

The spokes of a speeding bike seems like are standing or spinning backwards? Black slims? Drawings in the style of op-art are spinning once to the left, once to the right? Graphics illustrating this article can be great entertainment. Because at the same time show how easy it is to deceive the human sense of sight.

Can we learn to look so that we can see what is really?

“We are not always aware that we succumb to illusion, but even if we are aware of it and know the logical explanation of illusion, we will not necessarily become immune to it. Anyway, why should we learn not to succumb to illusions? “- says Dr. Wioletta Waleszczyk from the Institute of Experimental Biology M. Nencki. After all, our entire perception of the world is like watching optical tricks.

Meet canadian artist Robert Gonsalves, who paints pictures with beautiful and unusual optical illusions. We want to bring to your attention a part of his paintings.

Bridge smoothly turning into a sailing ship.

Waterfall from which people flow.

I can look at this picture forever.

Another waterfall that turns into a nymph.

This is actually bedding with this print.

Amazing picture in which you can see the globe and the sky.

Kids just play cubes.

Surprisingly… in this picture the starfall turns into people who skate.

Everyone will understand this picture in their own way.

We have a beautiful view.

Clouds that turn into monks.

It’s just awesome idea.

There is something to think about.

An interesting picture with a double meaning.

I wonder what the author wanted to say.

Perhaps the author had in mind the days of life.

In our opinion, this picture personifies our precarious position in this life.

I wonder what thought the artist wanted to convey? Does nature give us comfort or?

Very original. How does he come up with all this?

Looks very mysterious and attractive.

Source: www.boredpanda.com
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Richard Dawkins

The interesting question would be whether there’s a Darwinian process, a kind of selection process whereby some memes are more likely to spread than others, because people like them, because they’re popular, because they’re catchy or whatever it might be.
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22 Things From 2000s That Kids Today Will Never Know

The world is changing but some texts are still valid. Like the one about how the world changes.

For some reason, nature has given us the ability to feel nostalgia.

We get it when we feel the smell of cake known from childhood. when we pop in the shop for old love or unexpectedly, we will leave ticket for concert form old books. Similarly with weddings, birthdays and all anniversaries. First there is a prick, then a sigh occurs and a warm melancholy is poured in. Longing for what has passed. It turns out that it is nothing extraordinary. Research conducted at the University of Southampton shows that about 79 percent. people feel nostalgia every week.

It is worth mentioning

Although scientists say they do not know the recipe for a successful life, their theory sounds very convincing. Mindfulness and joy from the ongoing moment are more nostalgia, but also optimism. This feeling of satisfaction from a life rich in experience, lived and not missed.

And the casual smell or sound can also make us think, but to remind us how much has happened and how much else is ahead of us!

People in the 2000s, when after 9 pm there were unlimited minutes.

Using these wires to connect your TV to a video player or game console.

Looking through a tiny little hole to take a photo.

After the photos were taken, we had to wait a week to see which ones turned out well.

And most of them were like that.

Using the T9 was not so convenient.

You had to carry both your iPod and your phone, because you didn’t have a smartphone yet.

This is how the music collection looked.

The most sad picture that could be seen on the CD player.

‘Get off internet, I need to call’.

No electric drives. The window in the car could be rolled down only mechanically.

No navigators. The direction needed to be printed on a piece of paper in advance.

To view the schedule of films or TV shows, you had to check the newspaper.

Spending days waiting for Netflix disc.

Going to channel three just to watch a movie…

Before, Emoji was not as much as it is now.

Writing down phone numbers on a sheet of paper to add them to a new phone.

Telephone cable did not allow to go unnoticed into another room.

We had to type www before any url, or it wouldn’t work.

Waiting for downloading a file from the Internet.

When you tried to record a song for a ringtone, but someone at that moment started talking.

Many hours of waiting in front of the TV just to watch a movie.

Source: www.buzzfeed.com

Funny Memes of The Day

Hi, everyone loves memes, we all know that. today we present the best memes of the day, which circulate the network, for example facebook, pinterest and instagram. We hope that although one will make you smile or feel better. if funny pictures you like to share them with your friends to improve their day.


Oh no, “ha fat”

funny cake

I dont belive


when you tell your boyfriend a joke

True meme

when you try pull off that little piece of skin


Don”t trying to find unicorn

Lost unicorn

Who did this Trump meme?

trump meme

Note, birds nearby meme

shit on car


His head is brighter than my future meme

bright head meme

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50 Sexiest Actresses of All Time

Beautiful women are often the pride of many film productions. The Empire magazine decided to create a list of fifty of the sexiest actresses of all time. Check if you agree with the verdict of the magazine! Here is the list of the sexiest and hot actresses

# 50. Grace Kelly


# 49. Rosario Dawson


# 48. Mila Jovovich


# 47. Hayley Atwell


# 46. Isla Fisher


# 45. Rachel McAdams


# 44. Jennifer Connelly


# 43. Eva Mendes


# 42. Cate Blanchett


# 41. Marilyn Monroe


# 40. Cameron Diaz


# 39. Amanda Seyfried


# 38. Halle Berry


# 37. Monica Bellucci


# 36. Anna Kendrick


# 35. Olga Kurylenko


# 34. Rachel Weisz


# 33. Helena Bonham Carter


# 32. Christina Hendricks


# 31. Kate Winslet


#thirty. Ellen Paige


# 29. Sandra Bullock


# 28. Salma Hayek


# 27. Carey Mulligan


# 26. Julianne Moore


# 25. Amber Heard


# 24. Jessica Alba


# 23.Jessica Chastain


# 22. Zooey Deschanel


# 21. Emily Blunt


#20. Gemma Arterton


# 19. Kate Beckinsale


# 18. Keira Knightley


# 17. Olivia Wilde


# 16. Amy Adams


# 15. Charlize Theron


# 14. Eva Green


# 13. Marion Cotillard


# 12. Penelope Cruz


# 11. Megan Fox


# 10. Zoe Saldana


# 9. Angelina Jolie


# 8. Natalie Portman


# 7. Mila Kunis


# 6. Emma Stone


# 5. Anne Hathaway


# 4. Kristen Stewart


# 3. Jennifer Lawrence


# 2. Scarlett Johansson


# 1. Emma Watson


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Funny Russian Girls

Every girl or woman wants to be beautiful, please men and be appreciated. Many of them for this purpose publish their photos on social networks. And they are waiting for words of appreciation. And they are waiting … They are waiting …


















































source pinterest

+20 Bouncing Celebrity Breasts – Gifs

Can it be better than a gallery of famous and beautiful actresses and other “celebrities”?

Of course, yes – a gallery of famous and beautiful girls!
And what could be even better?

Animated gallery of tits of famous and beautiful actresses and other “celebrities” Bouncing Celebrity Breasts!

And even if some of them are not so familiar, then … who cares? Just bouncing celebrity breast.

Browse the list of sexy girls tits, if you want to share it with your friends.

Alice Eve

bouncing celebrity breasts

Alison Brie

Alison brie bouncing celebrity breast


beyonce bouncing celebrity breast

Brooklyn Decker

brooklyn decker bouncing celebrity breast

Christina Applegate

Christina Applegate bouncing celebrity breast

Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricksbouncing celebrity breast

Christina Ricci

Christina Riccibouncing celebrity breast

Denise Milani

Denise Milanibouncing celebrity breast

Diora Baird

Diora Bairdbouncing celebrity breast

Emmanuelle Chirqui

Emmanuelle Chirquibouncing celebrity breast

Eva Mendes

Eva Mendesbouncing celebrity breast

Genevieve Morton

Genevieve Morton bouncing celebrity breast

Jennifer Anniston

Jennifer Annistonbouncing celebrity breast

Jennifer Connolly

Jennifer Connollybouncing celebrity breast

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrencebouncing celebrity breast

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Love Hewittbouncing celebrity breast

Jessica Biel

Jessica Bielbouncing celebrity breast

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpsonbouncing celebrity breast

Jordan Carver

Jordan Carverbouncing celebrity breast

Kate Upton

Kate Uptonbouncing celebrity breast

Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heiglbouncing celebrity breast

Katy Perry

Katy Perrybouncing celebrity breast

Kelly Brook

Kelly Brookbouncing celebrity breast

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashianbouncing celebrity breast

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohanbouncing celebrity breast

Lucy Pinder

Lucy Pinderbouncing celebrity breast

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrusbouncing celebrity breast

Nina Agdal

Nina Agdalbouncing celebrity breast

Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wildebouncing celebrity breast

Rosario Dawson

Rosario Dawsonbouncing celebrity breast

Salma Hayek

Salma Hayekbouncing celebrity breast

Sofia Vergara Bouncing

Sofia Vergara bouncing celebrity breast

The Funniest Pictures and Memes Found On Reddit

Today we present you list with funny reddit memes.

We collected the most funny photos and memes from Reddit.

I’m sure you’ll smile minimum one thing.

But what is reddit?

First of all, reddit is not just for linking. Equally popular are the so-called selfposts, or text entries. For which – unlike links – the authors do not (or do not lose) karma points.

Reddit consists of several main elements:


Reddit is divided into thematic categories, called subreddites. There are a lot of them. They are generalistic subreddites, eg / r / AskReddit – on which users ask other questions. Eg. / r / IAmA – where often there are sessions of Ask Me Anything with known personalities. / r / Showerthoughts, on which users publish their “revealing” thoughts. Or / r / TIFU – subreddit, on which you can share your failures with others.

There are subreddits focused on lol reddit memes and images.

e.g. / r / pics, / r / gifs, / r / aww, / r / EarthPorn (SFW), / r / reactiongifs. There are also informational subreddites. eg / r / news, with tutorials – eg / r / DIY, associating people with similar views – eg / r / atheism. And also, dear men, NSFW. I do not include examples here, you will definitely come to them yourself.

Rotation there is quite large and fast. Because a powerful database of users of the site quickly finds a good, new content on their favorite subreddits. If you are bored on the Web and you are looking for something interesting to read or watch, / r / all is the place for you.

Reddit is a great place to find interesting articles, films and even music.

With thousands of thematic subreddits, everyone is able to find something for themselves. And once you find it, you will spend long, long hours there. Remember that I warned you!

We collected the funniest reddit memes, scroll down and share it with your friends

The Funniest Pictures and Memes Found On Reddit.

When you pirated antivirus and pirated windows finds out about each other – reddit memes

waitl that is illegal

I went and asked my teach why she wrote “SALSA” on my paper and she told me I got a 59 out of 59. She also mentioned maybe I’m not as smart as she though I was.

reddit salsa meme

Doctor: are u sexually act- reddit meme

Guy who just stared his microphone collecting hobby

Not in a rush reddit meme

Hard for no reason reddit meme

He’s probably thinkg about other girls meme

This version of this format is superior beacause you can actually sleep in this lighting.

Spider man – cow man – lol meme from reddit

Almond cookies

Loading gif meme

It’s and involuntary thing that happens meme

When your computer is trash but you wanna play Minecraft

My friend who is gardener sends me photos of himself at work – funny reddit memes

sneak 100

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