The Absolute Funniest Cow Puns

Here you find the best funny cow puns memes. There is many Cow wordplays like:

  • “A cash cow”
  • “Why buy a cow when you can get milk for free?
  • “Until the cows come home”
  • “I’m in a bad mood today.”
  • “Bison! Your mum will pick you up tonight.”
  • “This wasn’t a cowincidence.”

We at PENSE.LOL will focus on funny pictures and memes containing a cow puns. At the moo-ment look at this funny list with memes and get a good laugh. The play of words can sometimes be embarrassing but it always improves your mood. If you like this list funny moo cow puns memes don’t forget to share it with your friends.

These funny moo cow wordplays memes aren’t just for farmers. They’re for everyone! 

What do you call a cow with no legs?

Ground beef.

Why did the cow start a fight with his buddy?

There was real beef between them!

Greener Pastures Cow Puns

cow puns
What did the mama cow say to the baby cow? Its pasture bedtime

Knight and Day Cow Puns meme

cow meme
My grandfather was a knight. His name was Sir Loin

Jerky Boys Cow Puns with Twitch

funny meme
What do you call a cow with a twitch? Beff Jerky

Dozing Off Funny Cow Meme

bull-dozer meme
What do you call a sleeping cow? A bull-dozer

Mooyah! Deja Moo Meme

deja moo meme
Deja moo. The feeling you get when you have heard that same bull before.

Beefcake humor cow meme

cow puns
The Secret Service Surrounded the president with dozens of cows. They were trying to beef up security.

The Udder Aspect of Darkness Meme

cow meme
A stampede at a dairy farm would result in udder chaos

Math of Least Resistance funny cow meme

funny cow
How do you count cows? With a cowculator

Large Missed Steak Meme

cow meme
The steaks have been raised – cow meme

Having a Beef with Jesus – cow puns meme

holy cow
Holy cow

Cow meme Surf and Turf

cow abunga
cow abunga meme

Wordplay – In Mom Russia, Cow Moo You

moscow moss cow
moscow moss cow funny meme

Area of Goals

funny meme cow
Professional Cows out standing in their field

Funny Cow Puns Meme – Main Mootion Image

cow puns
Where do cows go on a first date? to the mooooooovies.

Next funny meme On the Fence on This One

cow meme
I am utterly disapointed

Hipster cows. Hip to Be Sq.

hipster cows
Hipster cows. You’ve probably never herd of us.

Legen Dairy Cow Puns

I am in a bad moode.

Cow meme A-Moo-Calypse Now


Meme Cow – Milking It for All It’s Value

cow meme

Cow Angus Khan meme

angus meme
prepare your angus

Dude, No Whey!

funny bull

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Horse Puns – funniest memes in the Stud

Horse puns are best for horse lovers. If you’ve worked hard and are looking for funny pictures to improve your mood, you’ve come to the right place. In this post you will find word games with a horse. There you find most importantly the funniest horse puns in the stud.

Best horse puns jokes

What is pun?

Pun is funny word game with similar or identical sound but with different meanings. The effect is created due to word transformations, including becoming independent or rearranging members. Also: a variety of charades, a word puzzle describing fragments of a solution that is a pun.

For those who like horses, jokes, memes, funny pictures and puns.

You have reached the best place with the best memes. Just send a funny picture to a friend who loves horses. Take pleasure in watching these pictures because they make you laugh.

Generally It’s the Little Issues, horse puns.

horse puns
can i trouble you for a glass of water? I’a a little hoarse.

Sea-ing is Believing.

sea horse puns
This is a sea horse

Feeling Giddy horse puns

horse meme
what did the horse say when it feel down? I’ve fallen and i can’t giddyup!

Is there anything better than a funny pun? And by funny we mean so awful that they make you laugh just because puns are so bad.

But some funny puns are just downright fantastic, like this collection we put together for your viewing pleasure. When you’re done scrolling through those funny puns, check out a few other classics we just had to share.

Energy Journey horse puns meme

horsepower meme
chill out bro, I got this. Nobody know horsepower like i do

Horse Foals Rush In humor puns

horse meme
cmon son quit foaling around

Puns Meme from the Horse’s Mouth

horse meme
this isn’t funny. quit horsing around

Puns Humor. Yer a Horse, Harry

harry potter horse meme
harry trotter and the hoof-blood prince

This Has to Be Russia. Funny horse

bear back horse riding meme
bear back horse riding

Funny Puns Steady Girl

horse puns
maybe she is barn with it maybe it is neighbelline

Possibly Not the Greatest Concept lol

horse puns meme
i’m so hungry. i could eat a horse

Lol Nae Caught Me Whipping

horse funny meme
watch me whip… now watch me neigh neigh! nnneeiigghhh

Bread funny horse meme

bread horse meme
inbread horse

The Lengthy and Wanting It horse

funny meme
hey horse! why the long face?

Unstable Dictator meme

joseph stallion meme
Joseph Stallion

Fur Commerce- humor image

race horse meme
why is it to hard talk to a race horse? they don’t stand around eurlong

Excessive Instances horse meme

high horse meme
your high horse

When Horses Fly humor meme lol

horse parkour meme
sarah jessica parkour

Some other horse puns:

  • If Gemma doesn’t rein it in a bit with the gossip she’s going to stirrup trouble!
  • Did you hear about the rider whose horse bolted with her? It was a terrible tale of whoa!
  • The band Foals has got a colt following.
  • Maybe she’s barn with it. Maybe it’s neighbelline! (We admit it – we nicked that one off a meme!)
  • Foals rush in where angels fear to tread.
  • Have you seen Pippa’s new boyfriend? What a hot-to-trot stud!
  • If you do dressage with your mare then maybe it’s time to a-filly-ate!
  • Go to bed, little foal, it’s pasture bedtime!
  • You’ve got a horse – and money in the bank? What does it feel like to be financially stable?
  • Running late again? Better hoof it!
  • I’ve had a mare since I made the spur of the moment decision to buy that crazy new horse. Now I’m saddled with a ton of responsibility and a bucketload of trouble!
  • Still complaining about how you’ve got to jump off your 17.2hh hunter and muck out? Oh, get off your high horse!

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