20+ Amazing Photos Of Things Cut In Half

Some things can not be explained, to understand them you have to see with your own eyes. That is why, especially for the curious, a series of pictures of objects cut in half. Today we present you with amazing pictures of objects cut in half. Below you will find the intersection of the castle, billiard balls, katane.

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The Lock Picking

The Billiards Ball

Aged Sherry Cask Barrel With Transparent Front

Katana’s Internal Steel Layers

30mm AHEAD Shrapnel Shell

Inside Of Mechanical Calculator

Hockey Helmet And Football Helmet cut in half

Chrysocolla In Malachite

Old Pipe With Limescale Buildup

The Padlocks cut in half

A Leopard I Tank

Cloud Cut In Half By An Airplane

Cabbage Cut In Half

The World’s Largest Container Ship

Zippo Lighter

The Lumber

AA-12 Automatic Shotgun In Slow-motion

Cross Section Of Different Cables.

Gas Station Underground Storage

Sanded Down Nut

The Radial Engine

Undersea cable cross-section

Different Types Of Bullets

The Alvord Meteorite

Inside Of Patek Philippe Watch

X-Ray Of A Person Swallowing

Russian Guided Missile Sub

The Grooves Inside Of A Tank’s Main-Cannon

Colt 1911

The Elementary School In New Jersey, Originally Built In The 40s or 50s

HVDC 350 kV Submarine Cable Cross Section

The Arm Chair

Source: pinterest oddstuffmagazine.com

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