15+ Genius Lifestyle Hacks From Artistic People, Who Know How To Solve Challenges

#1 Absolutely genius way to heat the shower water.

#2 A VIP parking.

#3 This smart student.

#4 Great idea!

#5 These creative slippers.

#6 The way to pee and fill the fuel tank at the same time.

#7 The creative way to use a fork instead of spoon.

#8 Clever chef ever.

#9 A roll of paper towels is just two rolls of toilet paper.

#10 WOW

#11 Extra bit of toilet paper hidden inside the toilet roll.

#12 Sharpie can fix any stocking holes.

#13 50 cent rubbish bag to protect $1,500 suit.

#14 You can do toilet seats more warm.

#15 Otter pops instead of ice.

#16 So easy…

#17 Great TV-stand

#18 This creative bartender knows how to make vodka delicious.

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Also to your attention 15+ Times Lazy People Came Up With Great Ideas.

#1 Pringles cans are probably the best thing for car engine.

#2 Use old boots to plug a hole in the road.

#3 This intensive shower.

#4 Q-tips fix everything… and glasses too.

#5 Flashlight instead of headlight.

#6 It works.

#7 Duct tape can hold anything, even the road…WOW!

#8 I hope this invention will work.

#9 Genius idea how to make a break light.

#10 The most «modern» and «coolest» car.

#11 Even your old belt can be useful.

#12 Very creative mailbox.

#13 Surprisingly!

#14 Tin foil instead of toilet tank cover.

#15 Good idea!

#16 The cheapest mirror for the car.

#17 Do you like this wall lamp?

#18 Speakers? Why not.

#19 Сookie instead of ruler.

#20 WOW! It’s absolutely crazy idea.

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Cersei Lannister vs. Lena Headey

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Khal Drogo vs. Jason Momoa

Pepper vs. Naomi Grossman

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20+ Methods That’ll Make Mothers and fathers Lifestyle Less complicated

#1 You can microwave 2 bowls at once.

#2 Prevent toiletries from exploding in your bag.

#3 Use marshmallows to cure a sore throat.

#4 Keep track of your kids’ medicine doses.


#5 Keep drinks from spilling in your car inserting a crazy straw upside down into your little one’s cup.


#6 Turn your old iPhone into an iPod touch for your kids.

#7 Make a car trash bin using a plastic container.


#8 Make kids’ slippers slip-proof using a hot glue gun.

#9 Transform bathroom storage with a pegboard from classrooms.

#10 Great idea!

#11 To be a good parent and clean the floor at the same time.

#12 Now everyone can sleep outdoors without the fear of sunburn.

#13 Turn an old camera bag into a diaper station.

#14 Good way to keep an eye on your kids.

#15 Here’s how to bring the kid with you when your outside.

#16 Very nice!

#17 Use a shoe organizer for cleaning supplies.

#18 Revent a sticky mess from popsicles using a cupcake liners.

#19 Make shoe shopping easier using footprint to leave baby at home.

#20 Use a strow to remove the stem strawberry stem.

#21 Remove permanent marker on wood using white toothpaste.


#22 Keep apples from turning brown (or to keep slices together) using a rubber band.

#23 Easy way to peel mandarin oranges.

#24 Laundry basket in the bath to keep the rubber duckies safe.

#25 Roller bottle is very convenient thing for kids.

#26 Effective way to teach your kids how to use a pencil.

#27 If your kids try to sneak out you will know for sure.

#28 Monster spray? Why not?

#29 “In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun.”

#30 Very safe inflatable playpen.

#31 Stop the unwanted locking of doors using a little fabric cover.


#32 Use a pizza cutter instead of knife.


#33 Use crayons for touch-Ups


#34 Use silicon cupcake liners to shield your car’s cup holders from crumbs and stickiness.

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