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Quote (Latin: citatio, German: Zitat) – literal quote of other people’s words. A quote in literature is a form of artistic expression. It can be explicit, in the form of clearly highlighted text, or implicit, constituting a kind of allusion. wikipedia

Words that give us a kick for the next day, motivation to exercise, activities, etc. Defining the way and purpose of life. These can be lyrics, quotes or your thoughts.

It all depends on how you treat it. If you glance through them. you will find “cool quotes” to forget about them in a moment, you will not have anything to do with it.

If instead you will:

  • stop at every quotation for a few moments;
  • think about which life experiences you are referring to;
  • you will think how you can use the learning that flows from it;
  • write on the piece of paper in big letters. Those quotes that you think are most accurate for you at this moment;
  • you will come back to them, remembering regularly the message that they carry …
  • … it is very likely that these quotes will strongly contribute to your professional success.

There is Gallery of 200 Best Inspiration Quotes of the day.

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