15+ Signals The Universe Is Out To Get You

Don’t pull

Probably he wanted a beige interior

So close


I hope that’ll wash off

That wasn’t the last slice, right?


My nightmare

Oh, no!

He’s not getting that back

When the world hates you

When you forgot to check the job before you pay for it

Good luck getting that undone

Just look how happy she is


Source: diply.com

Also to your attention 15+ Times Life Wasn’t On Your Side.

When you walked too close to the road ?

Only me!

When you completely blanked on how to do your job.

When you thought you could toilet train the cat…

The worst luck ever!

When you decided to leave the dog alone for a few minutes…

Being stucked in a pickle.

Wrong turn

He faced with the big trouble!

When you were a little too optimistic in your estimations.

When you forgot to winterize the house.

When you chose the wrong parking space.

When you forgot how to use the shredder…

When you couldn’t afford milk…

When you knew you forgot something but just couldn’t remember what…

When you have to go to the office, but how?

When nothing was working like it’s supposed to…

When your tattoo didn’t go as planned.

Source: diply.com