20+ Jobs of Superstars Before They Become Famous


Steve Buscemi — Firefighter

Christopher Walken — Lion Tamer

Danny DeVito — Hairdresser For Corpses

Harrison Ford — Carpenter

Christopher Lee Worked For The Intelligence Service

Johnny Depp — Telemarketer

Pierce Brosnan — Professional Fire Eater

Brad Pitt used to dress up as a chicken for an El Pollo Loco Restaurant

Jim Carrey — Janitor

Rihanna — Army Cadet

Bob Ross — Sergeant In The Air Force

Barack Obama — Ice Cream Scooper

Hugh Jackman — Gym Teacher

George Clooney — Shoe Salesman

Bill Murray Used To Sell Chestnuts

Gal Gadot Served In The Israeli Defense Forces

Chris Pratt Worked As A Stripper

David Bowie — Butcher’s Delivery Boy

Jason Lee — Skateboarder

Helen Mirren Was A Promoter For An Amusement Park In Southend On Sea

Tom Hanks — Popcorn And Peanuts Vendor

Whoopi Goldberg — Morgue Beautician

Liam Neeson — Teacher

Kate Winslet — Sandwich Maker

Channing Tatum — Stripper

Gerard Butler — Trainee Lawyer

Sandra Bullock — Bartender And Waitress

Tim Allen — Drug Dealer

Jon Hamm — Set-Dresser For Porn Films

Jake Gyllenhaal — Lifeguard

Victoria Beckham Played A Role Of Sperm On Roller Skates For A BBC Sex Education Show Called ‘Body Matters’

Rachel Mcadams — McDonalds worker

Sheryl Crow — Music Teacher

Adrien Brody Performed Magic Shows At Children’s Birthday Parties As “The Amazing Adrien”

Evangeline Lilly — Flight Attendant

Michelle Pfeiffer — Cashier at Supermarket

Julia Roberts — Ice Cream Scooper

Jennifer Aniston — Telemarketer

Ashton Kutcher swept cereal dust at a general Mills Factory. Also he sold his blood for extra cash.

Bradley Cooper — Doorman At The Morgans Hotel

Matthew Mcconaughey Cleaned Chicken Coops And Washed Dishes

Source: www.boredpanda.com