20+ Times People Really Won The Food Lottery


If you’ve ever won the lottery? You know the feeling of victory! People that got this food, also experienced this great feeling!

A mini orange inside an orange

Vending Machine made an error and distributed everything all at once

Watermelon Has Almost No Rind

The big food lottery


Multiple sweet strawberries fused into one

A green bell pepper growing inside a red one

Double yolk eggs

Kinder surprise was encased in a second skin of chocolate

This unusual skittles

This massive lemon grew up on the lemon tree

Very very big blueberries

5 Peanuts in a shell

Egg had another tiny egg inside of it


Vending machine lottery

Triple kiwis

8 grapes fused into 1

Double banana

Some guys asked me if I wanted extra bacon cause they were going to throw it out. Suddenly I got this


A very long marshmallow

The biggest one

Lucky day for somebody

This giant strawberry

The king of the sour patch

Extra long blackberry

I truck for budweiser and ran into a lays trucker. I found this in my truck after he left

The triple egg

A very large potato chip

This giant strawberry

Got a soda out of a vending machine, and there is a quarter taped to the top

3 pop tarts in the pack of 2 pop tarts

A giant chip in the ice cream

A grape had another grape inside of it

Just a lucky day

A very large potato wedge

Double eggs

The giant chip

An extra large egg

Source: www.boredpanda.com